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Articles - The Third Eye & A Thousand Petals in Our Brian



The sixth centre is the Agna chakra having its seat in the region between the eyebrow sand is related to the our life-force. It is linked with the Pituitary gland. The word 'Agna' means control, administration. This centre controls the sensual activities.

This is called the 'third eye' which is an addition to the sensual perceptions and abilities. Here only, the sixth sense is increasing more and more to expose your potential fully. Hence, it is called the intellectual point to control the senses.

If you divide the brain into three parts, the front part is the intellectual part, having control over the sense organs. The middle part is the lobe of wisdom, the function of which is to increase and transform man from material consciousness to God consciousness.

The rear part is the lobe of universal secrets. It is also connected with the Pineal gland and therefore the universal secrets are revealed. The Pineal gland is the master gland for psychic functions.


'Thuria centre' (Brahmarandhra) is called as crown centre. 'Thuria' means 'highest peak'. The Brahma-randhra or the Thuria centre is linked with the Pineal gland. The Pineal provides direct connection to the mind and also, it is the gland for psychic functions to adjust the focusing of the mind to anything or to any frequency. When you meditate on the Pineal gland, the Pituitary gland also gets the benefit.

This centre is also called as 'Sahasrahara' or thousand petal lotus. In the East, our forefathers had found that our brain has one thousand regional valves. Each petal or valve has some specific function. When all the thousand regional valves are activated to function, man's intellect will increase sharply and by this development of knowledge, he will be able to fix his mind with the any level of universal function or the universal force.

Also practicing Thuria Meditation bring the mind to frequencies very near to no frequency. Brahma means God State which has no frequency at all. The top of head is called as 'Brahma-randhra'. That is this belief which coined the word Brahma-Randhra. Brahma means god and randhra means way or gate.

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