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Articles - The universal field contains various mixtures of five elements or Pancha Bhoodas

The Akash particles is the repository of all the secrets of nature

and is the source of all sciences prevailing among mankind.

The universal field contains various mixtures of five elements
Pancha Bhoodas

An 'element' or Bhooda denotes and is an associated field constituted by specific proportions of Absolute Space and energy particles, both of them being permeated by spreading waves radiated by the energy particles and absorbed by the Absolute Space.

The proportion of Space and energy particles varies within each Bhooda. Based on this criterion , the Bhoodas have been divided into five categories. The first is the Akash (energy particles) Field. The other four divisions are nothing but the associated fields of Akash, the density of the association increasing form one Bhooda to the next.

Air is denser than Akash, Fire is denser than Air, Liquid is denser than Fire Liquid is denser than Fire and Solid is denser than Liquid.

There are five perceptible results of the actions and association of Akash particles as five Bhoodas. These results are named as the Pancha Tanmatras, i.e., pressure, sound, light, smell and taste.

Clashes, reflections, refractions and interactions of the spreading waves from Akash particles on other Bhoodas and within each Bhooda result in Five Tanmatras.

The division of the Pancha Bhoodas is distinguished according to each of the Tanmatras which is predominantly perceptible.

From the clash of waves proceeding from Akash particles, there is one result, namely, 'Pressure'. Those waves are manifested to our perception as pressure. Akash is considered the first Bhooda, correspondingly pressure is the first Tanmatra.

Air is the primary result of association of akash particles. The air field is very thin and feeble in intensity. In air, sound is predominantly perceptible and the pressure is latent, although it is there. Air is considered as the second of the Pancha Bhoodas and correspondingly sound is the second Tanmatra is light.

After air, the next thickly intensified, i.e., denser association of energy particles is fire. Fire contains three actions. Among them, light is predominantly perceptible and the other two, pressure and sound are subdued.

So, fire is distinguished as the third element (Bhooda) in the evolutionary process of Nature; the corresponding Tanmatra is light.

The next more densely associated field of energy particles is Liquid. There, the taste is predominantly perceptible and the three subtler Tanmatras (pressure, sound and light) are subdued or latent. Liquid is the fourth Bhooda and the fourth Tanmatra is taste.

The last, final and densest field of energy association is Solid which contains five actions. In solid, smell is predominantly perceptible and the other our subtler Tanmatras are subdued within. Solid is the fifth Bhooda and correspondingly smell is the fifth Tanmatra.

Thus, we see that according to the intensify of the field, there are five differing results: pressure, sound, light, taste and smell which are called Tanmatras. Elements are classified and named differently on the basis of the association of energy particles and Tanmatras are also classified and named differently. Pancha Tanmatras, i.e. pressure sound, light, smell and taste are experienced only by the consciousness inherent in the life force of living beings.

In every objects, the pressure force exists to a certain degree because of the spreading waves of the particles by which it is constituted. When the degree of pressure increases to a certain level, it is automatically converted into Tanmatras, i.e., pressure, etc., These degrees of functions and their conversions are perceived by man as relative feelings.

A living being is a combination of the Pancha Bhoodas. So, from any living being, certain extent of all the five Tanmatras are emanating from its body continuously due to the circulation and functions of the life force. When a living being comes into contact with any subject through the senses, its Tanmatras are induced to raise to the level of the Tanmatras of the object.

The consciousness inherent in the life force particles senses (feels) the difference between its original level and the present induced level and the expenditure of life force correspondingly increases. This expenditure of life energy is experienced as sensation.

It is an universal law that the life force is subject to accelerate or aggravate according to the atmospheric disturbance. As everything is radiating its own wave of its natural character - the clash, reflection, refraction and interaction of one wave results in the inducement of the same character in the object receiving the waves.

Therefore, distinguishing of the degrees of force into Tanmatras by the senses and measuring the differences of degrees of forces between one another by comparison are the finding and judging of consciousness inherent in life force.

All the secrets of the universe are contained in each energy particle and the consciousness inherent in it.

  • Every movement of the particle,

  • each wave radiated,

  • each wave received from other particles and atoms and

  • the consequent reflections, refractions and interactions are imprinted, maintained and recorded in the energy particle.

The sum total of such recordings conditions the quality of character of every particle in its functioning with specific

  • pattern,

  • precision and

  • regularity

The Akash particles is the repository of all the secrets of the nature and is the source of all sciences prevailing among mankind.

Therefore, I am emphasizing the value of the Akash particle and insisting that all the truth seekers and scientists should understand clearly this principle and conduct researches in this subject, for, it will lead not only to the enlightenment of man, but also to the eventual emancipation of the mankind.

May The Whole World Enjoy Peace, Happiness & Prosperity

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